Thursday, September 15, 2005

Me Betrayed!

Gigolokitty: O Woe is MEEEE!!! Me Bitterly Tortured!! Me Painfully Enslaved!!!

Heavily bandaged Evil!TrollRoommate: Can it, you larcenous kitty! The only reason your super-fat butt is still here is because those endorsement fees from the Skinny Kitty Diet Inc. will cover my medical bills.

Unfortunate!Mistress: You will be an inspiration to cats everywhere honey! If you can lose weight, then anyone can….

Gigolokitty: Me Not Want to be Inspiration! Me Wants to be FED!!!


Blogger ven said...

For shame! Look at the red rims around his eyes. You've been overworking him and now you won't give him his kibble?

Hang in there, GK!

2:53 AM  

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