Thursday, June 15, 2006


Due to unforseen circumstances, we are unable to post this week. We will be back early next week. Not to worry, the divine GK is in fine fettle but the rest of us have to work our butts off.

See you shortly!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Carnival of the Cats!

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Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats! This is the Evil!Troll blogging while the Gigolo gets over his pouting fit. We have an excellent line-up today featuring the most beautiful kitties in the world.

Let me emphasize that these are good kitties. Kitties who eat, sleep, learn lessons from nature, clean themselves (without expensive spa bills), and only occasionally plot to take over the world.

Unlike the Gigolo, these kitties bring you happiness; they won’t bankrupt you and put you on the run from law enforcement agencies!

Before we start, a reminder from Debra that this is the Adopt A Cat month.

Miss Marilyn says it well known that kitties make the best friends (when they are not pining over bad boys who don’t deserve them!) Jack Cat reminds you that kitties make the best buds for evah!

If you know anyone without a kitty-cat to keep them company, or if you have room in your home for one more, let a kitty adopt you (or your cat-less friend)!

Onward with more kitties!

First we have the kitties grooming themselves for the big carnival. Meowza gets a head start with a good licky-licky, while Kismet the Man Cat models his beautiful green shirt. Her Ladyship is a bit shy about appearing in public, and Missy thinks that not enough attention is being paid to her. Lyra dresses up in pretty ribbons for the big day.

Kitties are beautiful, and they know it! Check out those perfect earwings at Jelly Pizza. Meanwhile, Aloysius shows us that a handsome kitty can be more enticing than a bed of flowers.

Do you prefer your kitties fluffy or sleek? Not to worry, here – have one of each! Are kitties prettier in color or in black and white? You decide.

Humans simply don’t know how to show a kitty proper respect. Ferdy is mightily peeved about the missing cheese. Meanwhile, Rocker warns anyone daring to get between a kitty and his wire. Babe and KT Cat would like to remind all humans there is nothing more important than keeping the food-bowl full. As Henry would attest, it is exhausting being a kitty! And don’t even think of depriving a kitty of her Monday Movie!

Kitties are all about perfect etiquette! Cara shows the world how to sit like a lady. Krissie demonstrates the best way to display kitty-butt. Hot days can be a bummer! Harley shows off how to chill out, while Morris thinks summer time is meant to be spent outside!

It is well known that kitties are the most thoughtful helpers. Tiny helps his human with tailoring, and Pixel is most sympathetic to her Mommy in her time of stress (we hope Dad is feeling better too)! And you can always rely on a cat like the great Hobbes to show you your place in nature.

Nothing is more fetching than a learned and accomplished kitty!

Mr. Gato watches the Animal Planet religiously to pick up tips on exterminating those annoying rodents. Rhett aims to become an authority on pop-culture by watching reality TV; the beautiful Ms. Bagheera prefers more gentle pursuits and listens raptly to an angelic song. Ms. Clover should be hired by the CIA to give lessons on the art of camouflage! But Siofra is not too keen to learn more about those noisy trucks.

A kitty learns that only birds do it, but bees do it as well. Handsome Anslem suggests that perhaps the humans need to – ah! – look more closely before handing out kitty names.

Butterscotch is an expert of foreign affairs; maybe she can counsel world leaders on Important International Matters? Emperor Tristan doesn’t care much about leaving dumb humans in charge; perhaps he should hire Charlie to take over all the world’s bloggers! Chocolate Chip knows exactly how to put those pesky humans in their place, and Larry dictates what shall be blogged.

Sometimes, kitties get a longing for the great outdoors. Morris thinks summer time is meant to be spent outside, while Audrey dreams of the Tundra. But some kitties report that moving to France may lead to interesting events! Safe at home, Boots and Tess tell us how they plan to spend their summer vacation.

What would a Carnival be without kittens? Pixel shows off her supercuteness as a kitten, and Bubba and Lou make you want to reach out and grab those little fluff balls! And just in case, you need more kittens, help yourself to a veritable feast!

If I have missed anyone, please let me know. The fault is, of course, entirely my own!

ETA: Boo responds to the absurd demands of her pesky human.

Meet the very fetching kitty family comprising the Three Mouse-Kateers as they soak up the sun!

The most adorable little Rico-loco has problems with authorities.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Name Is Bond! Giggy Bond! #5

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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Name Is Bond! Giggy Bond! #4

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Name Is Bond! Giggy Bond! #3

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