Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hamlet! #7 (to be contd.)

(Note: Please click on image for better view.)
Weekend kitty-blog roundups are at Friday Ark and the Carnival of Cats (hosted this week at Pets Garden Blog) .

Kiri the Cat in a gorgeous new turtle outfit will be presiding over the Weekend Cat Blogging at Clare's Eats.


Blogger thetruthisthelight said...

'Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all' least when it comes to Pookies!

1:22 AM  
Blogger Kukka-Maria said...

While I miss the "old" Pookie, the new one has a big, dumb look to him.

Easily manipulated...just like I like my boys!

9:00 AM  
Blogger The Meezers said...

you better watch out GK - our Mommy is drooling over your new Pookie - she says he looks like someone names EEEEyore that she loves furry furry much.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Lab Kat said...

Huzzah for the new Pookie.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Chatham said...

Get thee to a Pookrie: wouldst thou be a breeder of Trolls?

(LOVE the new Pookie!)

12:52 PM  
Blogger =^..^= said...

Awww... you and your new Pookie look like a match made in heaven.

~5-Cat Style

9:14 PM  
Blogger Miz said...

A Pookie by any other name would smell as sweet?

9:25 PM  
Blogger one of us said...

To poop in the shoes is such sweet sorrow....~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

2:08 AM  
Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

You are so photogenic...have you thought of the movies???

10:07 AM  
Blogger animalfamily said...

i must say a good-looking loverboy like you can do so much better than hee-haw Eeyore.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Clare Eats said...

I say it is all the evl trolls fault he should have been nicer to the poor gigolo kitty then there would be no poop in his shoe ;)

8:47 AM  
Blogger Edsel/The Pooch said...

hey GK how come some of our names in your links have those little asterisk thingys?

6:23 PM  
Blogger meemsnyc said...

oh, what cute pictures w/ Pookie.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Luna said...

Eeyore is my favorite! my party birth is coming I hope you, in april 15 ok and all the cats! =^^=

4:59 PM  

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